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Brabantstraat 91
8790 Waregem - Belgium
Tel. : +32 (0)56 42 23 03
Fax: +32 (0)56 42 44 32
VAT nummer : BE 0456.019.962
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perfo blue/yellow

col. 000 zwart

col. 001 orion

col. 003 grey

col. 005 darkgrey

col. 009 yellow

col. 010 rosso

col. 013 violet grey

col. 014 burgundy

col. 015 antraciet

col. 016 dakar

col. 018 montal black

col. 021 dune

col. 022 helbeige

col. 023 cognac

col. 025 helios

col. 026 curry

col. 028 posseidon black

col. 027 citrus

col. 029 caramel

col. 032 pomelo

col. 033 sahara

col. 034 oak

col. 035 terra

col. 036 castagna

col. 037 wool

col. 038 bond black

col. 040 natura

col. 041 truffles

col. 044 pepper

col. 050 deep blue

col. 051 baby blue

col. 052 biscuit

col. 053 chestnut

col. 054 sienna

col. 056 amandel

col. 057 vanille

col. 058 pineapple

col. 059 apple

col. 060 galaxy


This car leather is manufactured by a renowned European tannery specialised in the manufacture of car leather, and which is also the in-house supplier to Bentley, Jaguar, the Fiat Group, VW Group, …

As we do not want to distinguish ourselves from the original quality of the leather used by the well-known car brands, we buy the same version, which meets all car standards and even passes the Fogging-test.

Moreover, this leather meets the EC 95/28 fire-retarding standard required for the use in public traffic.

No Limits:

The carleather collection has been expanded with some bright colours: orange, electric blue, canary yellow, red, … which are very suitable for a more sportive look.


Each colour of the carleather collection is also available in perforated half hide, and combined with the usual car leather, it can provide a more sportive look. There are 2 particular versions, where the upper colour is not identical to the under colour and which give a particular touch to your interior.


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