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col. F6461652 white

col. F6461730 silbergrau

col. F6461731 schiefergrau

col. F6461663 anthrazit

F6461659 black

col. F6461736 lila

col. 6461664 amethyst

col. F6461729 nightblue

col. F6461710 royal

col. 6461708 gletscher

col. F6461709 aqua

col. F6461705 olivgrün

col. F6461657 limone

col. F6461706 mais

col. F6461666 mango

col. F6461735 fuchsia

col. F6461707 feuer

col. F6461665 kirsche

col. F6461702 lachs

col. F6461654 sherry

col. F6461660 smoke

col. F6461704 olivbraun

col. F6461656 choco

col. F6461655 marrone

col. F6461737 cashmere

col. F6461737 cashmere

col. F6461733 sattel

col. F6461653 kiezel

col. F6461661 birke

col. F6461662 perle

col. F6461632 hellbeige


Besides the articles Borneo and Salvador in our artificial leather collection, we offer from now on Pompei.
Like the mentioned products this artificial leather is very easy to work with due to its suppleness and soft bottom cloth. Furthermore Pompei guarantees excellent results which make it almost impossible to distinguish the artificial leather from real leather.
With Pompei we reintroduce all the standard colours of our success article Salvador. However this newcomer in our collection has the extra advantage to satisfy the M1 Flame retardant norms.


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