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Brabantstraat 91
8790 Waregem - Belgium
Tel. : +32 (0)56 42 23 03
Fax: +32 (0)56 42 44 32
VAT nummer : BE 0456.019.962
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col. cottonseed

col. cream

col. beige

col. grove

col. almond

col. rice milk

col. ivory

col. somerset stone

col. basket

col. parchment

col. saddle

col. spice

col. castagna

col. winter white

col. white

col. seely

col. panna

col. stone

col. angel

col. deluca

col. pebble

col. dark beige

col. ash

col. owl

col. rocking

col. chartreuse

col. field green

col. mountain tree

col. pea green

col. thyme green

col. lichen

col. jade green

col. forest green

col. golders green

col. sage

col. mocca

col. dark chocolate

col. firestone

col. flamenco

col. tuscany

col. west

col. wood burner

col. crimson

col. horizon

col. cherry

col. flame red

col. velvet red

col. poppy

col. brick red

col. anemone

col. burgundy

col. philly

col. blossom

col. amethyst

col. wineberry

col. parlour blue

col. iceblast

col. haze

col. haze

col. silver grey

col. moon mist

col. silver birch

col. steel

col. knight

col. black

col. suffolk blue

col. majolica blue

col. dark teal

col. bilberry

col. deep ultramarine

col. dark grape

col. havannah

col. burnt oak


This vibrant range has been produced with a pigmented topcoat and embossed with an attractive grain print to enhance its character.
Providing outstanding durability and stain resistance, tihs multipurpose leather is suitable for all types of upholstery, including heavy duty applications.


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